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Carved mold engraving machine

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Carved mold engraving machine

Suzhou ding wood machinery, professional production and sales of woodworking engraving machine, metal engraving machine, laser engraving machine and so on all kinds of carving machinery products.

Scope of application: high frequency die, die and other small mould chemical fiber industry spinneret punch word hot stamping, printing, metal template design of industrial product, jade carving and other related industries。

The characteristics of:

50MUsing casting machine base, good rigidity, good stability. Precision linear rectangular guide, preloaded, good rigidity, high precision, the interface adopts international standard G code instructions, compatible with the domestic and foreign engraving software, operation simple practical. Mainly suitable for high frequency mould, plastic mould, medium and small mold engraving and milling processing, ps, shoe's molding, auto parts machining and electronic components.


Mechanical performance parameters of the

The performance index items

Standard values

Table size


X、Y、ZAxis stroke


X、Y、ZPositioning accuracy


X、Y、ZRepeat positioning accuracy


Maximum working load


Table flatness


X、YVertical degree


ZAxis space height


Spindle power


Maximum speed movement and carvings


Spindle speed


Drive system

Servo drive

Working voltage

220V  50Hz

Machine weight


The airport outside dimension


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Suzhou ding wood engraving machine is a large-scale professional production and sales integration, are guaranteed by the most preferential prices to the carving machine sales to each customer, let customers save more cost and get the best deals engraving machine. Ding wood factory covers an area of 5000 square, entirely in accordance with the standardization of industrial production, the company hired senior technical engineers and JDPaint software mapping senior engineer. Let the customer rest assured to buy, without any worries. "Ding wood quality, strength to build"!

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Suzhou ding wood engraving machine production of engraving machine, can according to customer's requirements, customized different models, according to the customer's materials is different, we in the most practical model design to recommend to the customer. Suzhou ding wood engraving machine, professional custom sales woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine, olive nuclear engraving machine, laser engraving machine and so on, to all aspects of the processing of various materials.

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Suzhou ding wood engraving machine customer service work for you every day (except holidays), hope to do the customer has no trouble, no matter any time for customers to solve any problems. Ding wood engraving machine, it is on your side!

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